Eddington Ave, Cambridge, UK
Type Size Price
1-bedroom From 464 sqft From GBP 324,000+
2-bedroom From 816 sqft From GBP 429,000+
3-bedroom From 1,247 sqft From GBP 699,000+
4-bedroom From 1,949 sqft From GBP 975,000+
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About Athena

Athena is part of an ambitious project by the University of Cambridge to deliver the new neighbourhood called Eddington; one that provides new homes for university workers and students; a sustainable community offering a high quality of life.

Designed with contemporary materials that capture the identity of Cambridge heritage, Athena homes are built with sustainability and well-being in mind, for Cambridge life, today.

Athena is also conveniently located in the heart of all the community facilities in the neighbourhood, including school, market square, community centre, health centre and shops.  The University of Cambridge Primary School, with an Outstanding Ofsted rating, provides an inclusive and high quality education for local children.

Athena will provide more than 249 dwellings, a mix of apartments and houses ranging from one bedroom apartments to five bedroom family homes.

About Eddington

Eddington is named after the renowned astronomer, mathematician and physicist Sir Arthur Eddington. His observations confirmed some key predictions of Einstein’s Theory of Relativity and led to its general acceptance; he was also a Cambridge alumnus and resident in the local area in the early part of the twentieth century.

In addition to providing new homes, this contemporary urban neighbourhood, just two miles by bike from Cambridge’s city centre, has been beautifully and innovatively designed and inspired by the architecture of the city. Eddington has been carefully considered as a community where people come first, and where the essential components of a balanced neighbourhood come together.

The new neighbourhood at Eddington is setting the standard in sustainable living. The largest capital project in the University’s 800 year history will offer homes for University staff and students, whilst also providing Cambridge with additional homes, amenities and accessible green spaces to create a vibrant environment for all its residents.

The market square, one of the fundamental building blocks of any strong neighbourhood, is Eddington’s natural meeting place, supporting its community with a variety of events, shops and activities.


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Eddington Ave, Cambridge, UK
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